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We live in the era of technology and interconnected electronic devices. Nowadays, your smartphone plays a big role in making yourself more prolific and plentiful. From things like managing a schedule to things like paying for a coffee, your smartphone is designed to be your vigorous companion. Not only that, smartphones also inhabit a vast part of eCommerce.
Here at Salt Edge, we understand that smartphones are a prominent part of people’s everyday lives. In this setting, we are delighted to announce the latest release of our iOS SDK. The iOS SDK encloses communication with the second version of the Salt Edge API – from requests like fetching the providers list to requests like connecting a PayPal account, the iOS SDK brings in lots of possibilities for delivering the best user experience to your users. The SDK is simple to setup and straightforward to use, contains enough documentation to get you started, is available on CocoaPods, and will be soon coming to the OS X platform as well. The GitHub repository which hosts the SDK source also contains a sample app for demonstrational purposes. If you’d like to get into more detail, feel free to take a look at the README which will guide you through installation, usage, components, and running the sample app. We are very excited and can’t wait to see you what you can build with this. You can always subscribe to our feed or follow us on twitter @saltedge.

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