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Importing files has been on our to-do list from day one and we’re really excited about launching it now. A well-designed file import solves three important issues:
  • Trust. Some users don’t trust the apps with their credentials. That’s ok, they can just import a file and see how it works.
  • Compatibility. Handling multiple file formats, their edge cases and updates to the files has been a pain point for our clients for quite a while. The ability to import files and get them in the same, unique format as our entities solve this.
  • Migration. Your app is better and people would love using it. However, the export resulting from their previous app is incompatible with yours, and you’ll have to implement adapters for any app out there. You can delegate that to us now.
What does this mean for your app? You can let all your customers import their financial transactions easier, faster, safer. As for us, the update means that we’re able to extend our list of supported countries from 11 to 26. It also means that we’ll be able to support automatic import from the new countries faster and more of your users will be able to import their financial data and use your app. Feel free to suggest us the countries you’d like us to support using our contact form. Or write to us what you think, we’d really like to hear from you.

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