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Salt Edge makes a major upgrade to its Financial Data Aggregation platform, by expanding the number of Points-of-Sale recognized by the Categorization engine. October 5, 2017 – Salt Edge Inc. rolls out a significant update for its automatic financial transaction categorization engine. The Point-of-Sale database, which featured over 2,6 million locations before, has been expanded with 582.279 new entries across 123 countries. This update will provide our clients with a better and deeper understanding of their customers, no matter where they are from. Being able to decipher transaction descriptions in multiple languages is one of the engine’s strong points, as it can parse Cyrillic, Arabic, Chinese and many other alphabets. While this expansion raises the engine’s capabilities to accurately categorize financial transactions to another level of quality and precision, the company doesn’t plan on stopping with this achievement and will continue improving the potential of its services. The engine’s main goal is to simplify your and your customer’s life, which is the exact reason why the P.O.S. database will continue to grow and sustain its position as a best in class product. About Salt Edge Inc. Salt Edge Inc. is a Financial API Platform which provides best-in-class products and solutions, ranging from Financial Data Aggregation & Enrichment APIs and White Label Banking Solutions to a complete PSD2 Technical Solution. More detailed information about the company and its services can be found at

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