30th November 2023 • 6 minutes read

Open banking’s transformative benefits for the audit industry

In the world of auditing, professionals are no strangers to an array of difficult challenges that can sometimes significantly impact their efficiency and accuracy. The journey begins with a limited view of a client's entire financial transaction history, frequently resulting in a laborious process of obtaining further transaction details at a speed more appropriate for an earlier period. Adding to the complexity, data from various banks arrives in inconsistent formats,...

20th November 2023 • 5 minutes read

Endava and Salt Edge partner to drive open banking solutions

Endava, a global provider of digital transformation, agile development, and intelligent automation services, announces its new partnership with the leading open banking platform Salt Edge to share the full potential of open banking solutions. As Open Banking Limited reports, in September 2023, the number of active open banking users in the United Kingdom rose to almost 8 million. A year earlier, in October 2022, the number was estimated to be...

10th November 2023 • 6 minutes read

Open Banking payments in Saudi Arabia: use cases and opportunities

Open banking is a revolutionary concept that has been gaining traction worldwide, and Saudi Arabia is no exception. In fact, the kingdom has taken a significant step forward in implementing open banking solutions. In 2020, the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA) launched the Open Banking Framework, which outlines the guiding principles, regulatory requirements, and technical standards for open banking in the country. It started with the debut of the first...

11th October 2023 • 5 minutes read

A2A and Salt Edge come together to support Open Finance in Jordan

The Central Bank of Jordan (CBJ) has taken a significant step towards modernising the financial services landscape in the Kingdom by unveiling comprehensive guidelines for Open Finance services. These guidelines apply to all banks operating within the jurisdiction of CBJ, as well as online payment and money transfer companies under CBJ's supervision and control. This pioneering initiative aligns with evolving global trends in financial services, facilitating the secure sharing of...

3rd October 2023 • 4 minutes read

Salt Edge and SeaPay join forces to empower Saudi Arabian merchants with open banking solutions

In a significant move towards advancing digital technology and open banking in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, SeaPay, a leading Omni-Channel Payment Solutions provider, has announced a strategic partnership with Salt Edge, a renowned financial technology company. This collaboration aims to provide local merchants in Saudi Arabia with innovative open banking solutions, aligning with the Saudi Central Bank's vision for a thriving business environment. Open banking adoption in Saudi Arabia...

6th September 2023 • 4 minutes read

Cloud Finance and Salt Edge team up to boost business finance management

Cloud Finance, a software solution for corporate finance based in Italy, has joined forces with Salt Edge, a leading provider of open banking solutions. They are working together to create an environment where professionals and businesses can harness the full potential of open banking to make smart financial choices, improve efficiency, and fuel economic progress. Cloud Finance is dedicated to creating, developing, promoting, and selling various cloud software solutions for...

24th August 2023 • 4 minutes read

TreasurUp and Salt Edge to bring open banking solutions to commercial banks

TreasurUp, a fintech company specialised in commercial banking services, joins forces with Salt Edge, a global leader in open banking solutions, to enable a first-rate experience in account aggregation and open banking compliance for financial institutions in the UK and EU. Financial institutions are actively attempting to embrace new trends and maintain their competitiveness in this rapidly evolving environment amid quick advancements and changing consumer preferences. This is where technology...

5th July 2023 • 4 minutes read

Salt Edge and Kindgeek partner to boost the delivery of open banking solutions

Kindgeek, a leading one-stop shop fintech software developer, and Salt Edge, a top open banking service provider, announce their partnership for providing PSD2 and open banking solutions to the fintech landscape.  As financial services continue to become more digital, opportunities arise to develop more efficient financial services and advance economic growth. In this competitive fast-paced environment, businesses must keep up with optimising their processes and digitally personalising their offerings. Modern...

29th June 2023 • 6 minutes read

5 benefits of open banking accounting companies should look upon

In today's rapidly evolving financial landscape, accountants are acutely aware of the need to embrace technological advancements and digitalisation to remain competitive. A fact supported by a recent Sage study, revealed that 82% of accountants claimed their clients demanding a broader service offering. Since its inception in 2018, open banking has emerged as a transformative force for accounting firms and software, enabling a way to improve productivity and client experiences...

8th June 2023 • 4 minutes read

AMLYZE and Salt Edge partner to deliver full-scale open banking and AML solutions

AMLYZE, a leading RegTech company specialising in anti-financial crime solutions for FinTechs, neo-banks and crypto businesses, is excited to announce its strategic collaboration with Salt Edge, a leading open banking platform.  This commercial partnership aims to enhance AMLYZE and Salt Edge’s client offering by leveraging both companies’ expertise in anti-money laundering (AML), open banking and PSD2 solutions. As the financial sector continues to evolve, regulatory compliance remains a top priority...

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