Apr 20, 2021 • 4 minutes read

EasyPol aims to boost their payments app with Salt Edge open banking solution

EasyPol, an Italy-based online payments app, chooses Salt Edge, leader in developing open banking solutions, to upgrade its offering with PSD2-powered services and create a full-scale personal and business financial management platform for their Italian users.

Digitalisation becomes a new economic reality across Europe and the appetite for forward-looking innovative products amongst Italian users is gaining momentum. Italy has been going through a progressive digitalisation reform at all levels, including both public and private institutions. To contribute to the current innovation wave, EasyPol is committed to upgrading its platform and offering swift assistance to serve the whole spectrum of their customers’ financial needs. Recently EasyPol has raised investments that would be fully pumped in the PSD2 path and the collaboration with Salt Edge will allow EasyPol to master one of the most promising financial tendencies in payments and data – open banking.

EasyPol is a mobile payment app and web service that enables businesses and end-customers to manage their transactions and pay taxes, public administration notices and bills, membership, and university fees, in a secure and hassle-free manner. Leveraging Salt Edge’s bank data aggregation, EasyPol will add the possibility for their customers to easily manage their daily financial lives within one app. Salt Edge platform grants access to account information from more than 2000 banks across Europe including major Italian banks in an easy and compliant way. The data enrichment platform will help EasyPol improve existing analytics and financial algorithms, offering users value-added insights to get the best out of their financial situation (earnings, expenses, mortgages, loans, debts), and to receive information and suggestions on expense optimisation.

Here at EasyPol, we were looking for an all-in-one platform through which to speak to all the banks operating on the Italian and European territory and with a broad experience specifically in Italy to support us in our path – a sort of a partner, rather than a provider only. We appreciated Salt Edge’s high coverage of the Italian market, good and secure technical infrastructure, their experience in the open banking market, good business relationship, and overall professionalism. One of the best values that our customers will gain from our collaboration with Salt Edge is the security and reliability of the infrastructure used for retrieving and managing their financial data. We hope to improve our market coverage and expand abroad as we aim to be able to approach other European countries – once the presence in the Italian markets is solid – such as Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, and Poland.

Matteo Preziotti, CEO of EasyPol

Italy is an exciting market for open banking-fuelled opportunities and we’re glad to team up with EasyPol to push forward the creation of a digital financial ecosystem powered by PSD2 APIs. Open banking is not all about technology, but the services built on top of it. Now EasyPol’s customers in Italy will be able to connect their bank accounts from biggest local and European banks, making it possible to see all of their balances and transactions in one single app. We are glad to go hand in hand with EasyPol on their way to streamlining the existing processes and building entirely new services at the premises of PSD2.

Andrei Scutari, Country Manager Italy at Salt Edge

We’d love to help you start exceeding your financial goals with open banking.

About EasyPol

EasyPol is a mobile payment app and web service that allows paying online most of the Italian taxes, public administration notices, and bills in less than a minute thanks to two simple steps: frame and pay. EasyPol offers the possibility to pay through three alternative options: through manual entry, by framing the QR Code or barcode, or by uploading the notice pdf directly on the platform. Tax payments are a pain, at least with EasyPol they’re simple, fast, and secure!

More information: www.easypol.io
Email: help@easypol.io

About Salt Edge

Salt Edge – a financial API platform with PSD2 and open banking solutions. The company has two main vectors of activity: enabling third parties to get access to bank channels via a unified gateway, and developing the technology necessary for banks to become compliant with the directive’s requirements. ISO 27001 certified and AISP licensed under PSD2, the company employs the highest international security measures to ensure stable and reliable connections between financial institutions and their customers. The company is integrated with 5000+ financial institutions in 50+ countries.

More information: www.saltedge.com
Phone number: +1-437-886-3969
Email: press@saltedge.com


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