Crassula partners with Salt Edge to deliver a full spectrum of open banking solutions

Crassula, a Cloud Banking SaaS software platform, joins hands with Salt Edge, a leader in offering open banking solutions, to help banks, EMIs, and fintechs launch advanced PSD2 and open banking solutions in the UK and EU.

The modern financial sector is changing rapidly under the influence of digital technologies. Innovation has raised the stakes for all the market players including banks, EMIs, and fintechs. In this extremely competitive environment, businesses run a race to optimise their core processes and profitability, launch new more versatile, and low-cost products, and continue to innovate and personalise their offerings. To navigate the future of innovation, modern companies like Crassula and Salt Edge step in to help companies quickly and efficiently build and launch reliable, open banking-enabled, and technological fintech products. 

Joining forces with Salt Edge, Crassula becomes a one-stop shop with countless opportunities based on open banking functionality for fintech startups, neobanks, PSPs, small banks, retailers, telcos, credit unions, building societies, and others. Salt Edge resonates with Crassula’s vision to create exceptional digital experiences, thus more companies can receive Open Banking and SCA compliant solutions, account information and payment initiation functionality, White Label PFM, and get instant access to financial data from 5,000+ financial institutions in over 50 countries.

We at Crassula believe that when the financial company is ready to start its journey or introduce a new product, that is what it should focus on. Using the ready-made solution with Salt Edge, we will be able to get the project up and running in a couple of weeks.

Sigita Kotlere, Head of Partnerships at Crassula

The financial services industry is undergoing a revolution in how software solutions are created and delivered to the market, and one of the most important digital transformations is the concept of open banking which has laid the foundation for future disruption. Here at Salt Edge, we are excited to partner with Crassula to align our efforts in helping more businesses and financial institutions to benefit from countless open banking opportunities, embed innovative services into existing products, improve business agility, and boost the customer experience.

Iulian Mitrea, Business Development Manager at Salt Edge

Discover the full Salt Edge bank coverage to determine if our services are available in your country. We’d love to help you start exceeding your financial goals with open banking.

About Crassula

Crassula is a FinTech software platform providing solutions for businesses to create financial products. The Crassula platform consists of 3 main products: Core Banking System, Crypto Banking System, and PSP. Supporting launch, growth, and development of FinTechs in Europe and UK markets. Today, trusted by the industry leaders, Crassula embraces security and connectivity, flexibility, and convenience, delivering world-class products to more than 5 million users.

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About Salt Edge

Salt Edge – a financial API platform with PSD2 and open banking solutions for every business. The company has two main vectors of activity: enabling third parties to get access to bank channels via a unified gateway, and developing the technology necessary for banks to become compliant with the directive’s requirements. ISO 27001 certified and AISP licensed under PSD2, the company employs the highest international security measures to ensure stable and reliable connections between financial institutions and their customers. The company is integrated with 5,000+ financial institutions in 50+ countries.

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