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In our latest News post, we told you about Salt Edge Inc. participating at Phoenix FinTech Conference 2017. Phoenix gathered some of the most innovative, reputable, and exciting FinTech players and banks across Europe to discuss the latest trends, improve existing relationships, and create new ones. The key topics that were discussed were PSD2 compliance, banking processes innovations (from loan systems to Savings Chatbots), and the future of SCA with emerging Face ID technology. If you wish to find out more about the Phoenix Conference, read our previous News post. Now, we’re extremely proud to announce that we took the 1st place at the conference, with an overall grade of 4.7 out of 5 for the most Innovative API Technology, being awarded by the judges and audience. Our COO Lisa Terziman spoke on behalf of the company, presenting the Financial API Platform for PSD2 and Open Banking. She gave a quick breakdown of the 3 solutions the platform brings to combat the main challenges that the banks are facing with the coming of PSD2. Lisa presented our Priora PSD2 solution for banks, which includes AISP/PISP API and Connector APIs which are directly linked to the banking core, making it possible to deliver a fully compliant infrastructure for banks within a couple of months. Read more at The Authenticator app, which meets all SCA criteria, including TRA exemptions support (whitelist of payees, transactions list analysis), TTP permissions management by the end customer, and monitoring tool for banks. And a Centralized API layer for both AISP and PISP connections (Priora), as well as Spectre API which provides aggregation of a wide range of accounts, such as payment, current, savings, loans, mortgages, investments, insurance, and so on. “By collapsing two worlds PSD2 and banking as it is, we’re able to deliver a unique solution on the market – a Centralized API layer for multi-banking not only for the EU financial industry but for the whole world.” – Lisa  If you’re interested in finding more about our Platform, contact our Sales Team to schedule a call.

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