Žltý melón and Salt Edge partner for open banking-enabled lending

Žltý melón, a Slovak P2P lending platform, joined forces with Salt Edge, leader in developing open banking solutions, to implement PSD2-integrated access to clients’ bank data and streamline the loan application journey.

Current uncertain market conditions created an urgency for instant and simplified alternatives to bank loans. P2P lending, also called crowdlending, became a real lifeline, offering borrowings directly from individuals who are ready to lend. Žltý melón works as the connecting link between people who need to borrow money with those who want to invest. Žltý melón offers people lower loan interest rates and higher returns on their investments, making consumer and mortgage loans more accessible and investing more profitable than with traditional banks.

Joining forces with Salt Edge, Žltý melón gets instant access to more than 2,500 banks across Europe, including major Slovak and Czech banks, thus making the loan application flow for their clients more streamlined and frictionless. Open banking adds a digital boost to the risk verification process, which was previously burdened by the need to download the PDF file from internet banking and then upload those files to the Žltý melón system. Now, clients need simply to provide their consent and bank data will be transferred instantly in the automatic mode.

Driven by Salt Edge’s data aggregation and data enrichment solutions, Žltý melón will be able to run enhanced data analytics and automate additional parts of the verification and risk analytics process. By getting a 360-degree view of a borrowers’ financial situation and behaviour, Žltý melón can offer to the clients additional discounts on interest rates for their loan.

Žltý melón as a leading fintech lending platform in Slovakia has won the trust of thousands of satisfied investors over the time of almost ten years of our operations and for us, it was very important to collaborate with trusted partners. Salt Edge’s readiness and quality of product solutions, experience, and market coverage became decisive in our choice. Collaborating with Salt Edge, we can streamline the loan request process for our clients and enhance our credit scoring algorithm, thus providing the possibility to more people to get additional funding for even better conditions.

Roman Feranec, CEO of Žltý melón

Open banking brings to light countless opportunities for the lending industry. And we are very excited to see the fruits and benefits of lenders incorporating Instant access to bank data to their products, being able to offer services to more customers. We are excited to team up with Žltý melón, a project supported by strong investment groups and portfolios in its background with intuitive and clear services without hidden fees. We are proud to contribute to the ever-increasing number of satisfied Žltý melón customers and businesses discovering more and more open banking-enabled benefits.

Lisa Gutu, Head of Business Development at Salt Edge

About Salt Edge

Salt Edge – a financial API platform with PSD2 and open banking solutions. The company has two main vectors of activity: enabling third parties to get access to bank channels via a unified gateway, and developing the technology necessary for banks to become compliant with the directive’s requirements. ISO 27001 certified and AISP licensed under PSD2, the company employs the highest international security measures to ensure stable and reliable connections between financial institutions and their customers. The company is integrated with 5000+ financial institutions in 50+ countries.

More information: www.saltedge.com
Phone number: +1-437-886-3969
Email: press@saltedge.com

About Žltý melón

Žltý melón is the leading FinTech company in Slovakia, operating since 2012. Originally started as a traditional peer-to-peer (p2p) lender but moved beyond that. The company has developed a unique IT system and successful distribution model through partnerships with real estate developers, financial advisors, employers, loan originators and insurance companies. It provides a wide range of financial services in multiple currencies and has several key product streams. Žltý melón’s business model is proven in CEE and its loan portfolio has provided significant returns for our investors.

More information: www.zltymelon.com
Phone number: +421 2/544 100 84
Email: zltymelon@zltymelon.sk

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